For electroplating, galvanising, powder coating, spray painting etc. The sandblasting completely cleans the surface & improves the adhesion for these processes. We service a wide variety of industries such as general engineering, mining, farming, food, pump, building, shipping and more… We also service the general public’s needs, with items from garden furniture, gas braais, pedestrian & driveway gates, burglar guards, light and lamp fittings etc.
          • Motor Vehicles
            It is extensively used in the motor vehicle industry in the refurbishing of chassis’, vehicle bodies & all other components that need to be stripped right down, in order for the restorer to bring it back to its original glory. The same applies to the refurbishing of motorcycles & bicycles.
          • Wooden Products
            Tables, chairs etc. Blasting erodes the softer sections of the wood grain away & leaves the harder sections of the wood grain raised, to give either an antique or a natural weathered effect. This technique is becoming increasingly popular, with wood refurbishing companies. It is also widely used for the removal of paint, stains & varnish.
        • DECORATIVE
          A vinyl stencil is created, to protect certain areas that are not required to be blasted. We can then produce various designs, logos or personalised wording on glass, mirror, granite, tiles & wood. This is also an effective tool for creating privacy, in areas such as showers or on glass office partitions. When sandblasted, the glass surface has a hazed effect.